July 22, 2014

  • 2014, new apt, school accepted, and marriage. *Wedding pics too!*

    So I haven't logged into this thing in a llooooonnnggg time.
    I'm sure my membership will expire soon, I can't remember when it started but someone gifted it to me.
    This place is so different, sadly, I don't see myself paying to stay on once it expires. I guess that means this might be the last post :(

    But what I wanted to do with this post was go over some of what has been going on just to catch those who care up.
    It looks like my last post was December 13, 2013. In that I talked about moving in to my first apartment.

    Well, Trey and I are all moved in now. I really like the place. Only real complaint would be lack of storage space, particularly in the kitchen, but it works.
    Spring semester just consisted of trig for me because I didn't need any other classes and I wanted to keep my scholarship on hold so I could use it when I really needed 15+ hours. I passed with a very high A!

    After getting some good news January 31st, Trey and I started planning our wedding. The date was set for May 17th, 2014.
    A week before the wedding we found out he had to go to sniper school that day. He thought it had to report by night, but the day before we learned it had to be there from 6am-5pm, so I pushed the wedding back from 3pm to 7pm.
    It all worked out and we're now married. He had to leave right afterwards though, so my wedding night consisted of margarita's and hanging out with my in-laws lol.

    Oh yeah, I turned 21 on April 7th.

    A few weeks after my birthday I got a letter from UAMS. I got accepted to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program! :D I've started one of the classes which is online (Basic Patient Care/Medical Terminology) and the other 15 hours will start next month. (And yes, that's 18 hours all together... pray for me!)

    Married life is good, but lonely. After the wedding Trey went off to sniper school, then he had AT (annual training), now the army has him at some leadership course, but he'll be done with it on Friday. I think the leadership course is because they're about to promote him to E5.
    He thinks he'll also be going to OCS (officer something) next summer which is 8 weeks because they want to send him to PA school. After PA school he'd be a lieutenant, but his unit only has a spot for a PA if they're a Captain, so they're going to get him promoted as high as possible, as quickly as possible. (At least, I believe that is what he said, I'm going off of memory.)

    Let's see, what else.... I got a kitty back in January. Her name is Azura, but we just call her kitty (it took us a week to decide on a name and after calling her kitty for a week, it's just habit now). She's 4 years old and really lovey! She is really well behaved and doesn't have an attitude like most cats. She just wants love and pets, and if no one will give them to her then she rubs up again the coffee table or chairs to "pet" herself lol.

    I suppose I can't really think of any other news to update you with, so I'll just try to attach a few pictures- one of my kitty, and the rest from the wedding.

    sleepy kitty
























December 13, 2013

  • Semester complete! And Trey's surgery

    So today I had my fourth test in physics and then my final in physics, back to back. -.-
    That sucked. It was like that because last Friday classes got snow/iced out and the professor rescheduled it for the next and last day of class, Monday, which also got iced out (well, the school didn't open until noon, so morning classes were cancelled). So rather than having my normal two hour final exam today, I had to take the fourth test and then take the final in the same amount of time. I'm really eager for next Friday to come so I can see my final grade.

    Right after my final, I took Trey to get his wisdom teeth out. It took about an hour and a half, and then another 15-30 minutes for him to wake up enough to be walked to my car. I drove him home, then went to krogers to fill his prescription and I got him soup (tomato and potato), apple sauce, yogurts, frozen yogurt, and some skim milk to add to the soup.
    The pharmasist were slow and it frustrated me because I was worried about Trey's anesthia wearing off before I got home with his pain medicine. Once I got home, I mentioned a milkshake to Trey and he said that sounded good, so I turned around and got him a milkshake from McDonald's.

    It was cute, he was eating his milkshake and had ice cream dribbling down his chin and he didn't even know it lol. Aww :P He was a little loopy, but he's been sweet and he got all 'lovey' there for a minute. He also told me something he might not have, had he not been drugged, because he was afraid I'd be mad at him lol. So today, I've just been watching him, running errands, and making sure he was okay. I'm also trying to keep an eye on his medicine. He got penicillin and roxicet. The penicillin is to help prevent infections at the incision sites and the roxicet is oxycodone and acetaminophen for the pain. I wouldn't put it past Cara, his sister, to steal the pain killers for personal use. -.-

    Luckily, we're moving into our own apartment on the 19th. I'm super excited! :)

    - We don't have to pay a deposit because we both have good credit,
    - we've already bought a couch and paid for it so it just has to be delivered on the nineteenth,
    - my Dad's helping us move Trey's bed over with his company truck,
    - we've bought/already had multiple appliance (rice steamer, blender, toaster, crock pot, griddle/skillet, vaccuum, coffee maker, etc.),
    - we've gotten renters insurance set up,
    - we went online and set up the internet and cable,
    - we have electricity set up in our names...

    and I think aside from having to pack and move, that's all.

    (If you can think of anything big or obvious I'm forget- feel free to let me know!)

    Oh, and the complex has washing machines and dryers for FREE! So we'll just need to buy detergent and it'll save us a lot on water and electricity :)

    I'm really excited to get moved in. There's just way too much bullshit and drama over at Trey's house with his sister. Either she's fighting with her baby daddy or yelling around/fighting with her parents, or just being bitchy and loud- it's just ridiculous. Buuuutttt, by this time next week, we won't have to deal with her drama. :) And that's exciting :) )

November 2, 2013

  • Laptop down

    So my computer got a nasty virus and it's down for the time being :/
    I'm on my Dad's computer right now. It's frustrating because I have online homework so I have to drive up to school and hobble from my parking spot (while wearing an air cast -> I jammed my toe reallllyyyy badly and might've torn the tendon beneath it) to the library or math lab, when I normally could stay in the comfort of my bedroom for it.
    Due to not being able to walk normally because of my foot being messed up, I also sprained my wrist trying to catch myself from a trip/fall. So I look like a hot mess right now.

    School's going okay. I have the third test Wednesday and it's over chapter 6-9. I'm hoping it'll go well. After that we'll have test 4 over 10-14, then the final which will unfortunately be cumalitve. I'm ready for this semester to be over.

October 30, 2013

  • Just a few quotes I came across

    “We accept the love we think we deserve.”
    ― Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
    ― William Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

    “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”
    ― Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

    “You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not.”
    ― Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

September 27, 2013

  • Video?

    Anyone else figured out how to post a video? I tried doing one yesterday but either the 5-6 minute video was too long or it isn't working since it kept coming up with a video error thing.

September 19, 2013

  • School/ Interview/ Babysitting

    Physics seems to be clicking more this time. I studied ALL last week and had the first exam last Friday.
    Got it back on Monday at boom! I got a 90! :D
    Hopefully I can keep this up. We have four test (worst score gets dropped), homework, in-class assignments, and then the final. I think the exams are each 15% (so 45%), homework is 15%, In class homework is 15%, and the final is 25%.. I think.

    Saturday morning I got a call from Leah at build-a-bear and she said to come in at 6pm instead of 5pm because we needed to cut hours. I later found out that Allie's hours had been changed from 3-7pm to 2-7pm, so that angered me. I understand the need to cut hours, but that wasn't cutting. They took one from me and gave it to Allie. What the heck?
    She and Angie ended up leaving at 6:00 anyways because we weren't super busy, but anyways.

    The cut ended up being a good thing because I at 5:58pm, right as I was pulling into the parking lot, I got a call from GNC about my application. The manager asked if I could come in for an interview Tuesday at 9:15am and I said yes. So it all worked out well. (Because otherwise, I'd been working and probably wouldn't have been able to answer his call.)

    This is what I ended up wearing for my interview...



    I was pretty nervous, but luckily I didn't bust my butt in my heels and I think I did really well.
    The manager, Mycah, seemed to really like me and I loved how he described their job. He's more focused on good customer service and making good connections than just making a sell. He doesn't want the employees to worry about numbers because the sales will come. So basically, be welcoming, ask what brings them in, make sure they know you'd be more than happy to help if they need it, but not bombard them if they're just looking or they don't want help.
    Some of his questions made me nervous, but I answered well and not to be too cocky, but... I think I got it.
    He said he needs to talk to his RDM and then we'd go from there. If I do get it, I'll be excited to be working more, making more, and learning about the material.

    Today I've been babysitting my niece, Demi. She's two months old today.
    Cara had to make up one of her missed drill days today, so I watched her all day. She left at 7am, but Demi didn't wake up until around 8:30am. She was really well behaved.
    She ate when she got up, then slept a bunch, and chilled with me while I worked on on-line homework (went from 15% finished to 89.5% finished today!)
    She ate again when it was almost 1pm. It was hilarious! She'd be eating and then she'd just fall asleep in the middle of it! Lol, she'd wake up again and continue but not for too long. After like the fifth time she fell asleep, I took the bottle away and just let her sleep.
    Trey went into work at 1:30pm, so after that it was just the two of us until Cara got back at 3:30pm. We watched Tarzan and she ended up getting a little fussy, but that was probably because she was tired again. She passed out halfway through Tarzan and slept until her Mom woke her up when she got home. She got a change of clothes and I held her again while Cara ate dinner.
    She's so damn cute! She sleeps a lot but she's only two-months so I suppose that's expected lol.

    Now I'm just waiting for Trey to get off work because I have to pick him up. His car was doing this weird shake thingy when he would go to stop, so he had it looked at. Something with a cylinder-I think-wasn't working, so it's going to be there over night. It's supposed to be ready in the morning around 9-10am, so that's good.

    Anyways, those were the three points I wanted to talk about and I'm afraid if I don't stop now this will end up way too long, so until next time, bye!! XP

September 12, 2013

  • Testing...

    So I see an option for categories on the right hand side (under format) and thought I'd see if it's anything like the old pulses. We'll see.

September 11, 2013

  • The joys of technical issues /and/ a gym membership

    Webassign (the website that my physics homework is on) is being on finicky. It's been having technical issues the last couple of days. While everyone in class is freaking out because the chapter three homework is due tomorrow night, I'm relieved because I finished that sometime last week.
    On the other hand, I'm trying to study for the exam that is on Friday by working old problems from chapters 1-3 (you can go to the problems and click "practice another version" so you can practice new problems) and it keeps pooping out on me. Grrrr. I guess it's better than dealing with the stress everyone else is dealing with, but it's still super annoying.

    I feel like I'm getting a better hang of things this time around, but it's still early. Last year it wasn't really the homework that I struggled with (well, not as much the homework); my issue was mainly testing. That's why I'm really trying to study up for this exam on Friday.
    Hopefully it gets resolved soon... I go to work in an hour and a half-ish. Then I'll be going straight to bed since I'm exhausted. I plan to get up early and head to Trey's probably around 5:30am so we can get some cuddles in before starting the day.

    Trey and I got a membership at 10fitness because it's really close to his house and there's one (not as close as I thought, but still) fairly close to mine. They had a special yesterday were you could start for 10 cents (rather than the normal $59 start-up fee [or $19 if you got a premium membership]). It'll be cheaper for us, since the airbase gym requires a lot more gas to go to it and Trey can't go to the ualr gym with me without paying $5 each time since he's not doing school this semester. So it's good. It's $10 a month (with a $30 annual fee) for a basic membership and $20 a month for a premium. The premium allows you to do more group classes (like kick boxing, zumba, boot camp, etc.), you can bring 1 friend with you for free, you get free tanning... and maybe some other stuff.
    I might upgrade later, but I figured I'd start out with the basic since it doesn't cost to upgrade.

    We've also been taking this protein powder that has 24g of protein in it and it's only 120 calories and 1.5g of fat per rounded scoop. I like it.

    Hmm, I also applied at the GNC since I'm only getting 10-13 hours at build-a-bear now. I applied last Thursday I believe, so we'll see. I hope I get it, because I could handle working more since I'm only taking 3 hours, I could use the extra income, and I'd get a 30% discount.

    I still need to post pictures from Corpus Christi last week, but I'll do that later in a separate post.
    I guess I'll get back to attempting to study now.

September 3, 2013

  • I'll have to figure this out...

    So I'm in Corpus Christi today and I figured I'd check this out since I heard it was going to be up soon. I'm really confused. Hopefully I can figure it out soon because the lay out and stuff is so different than xanga.
    Trey has his interview today, so I'm pretty bored. I'm trying to work on home work and study, but I'm super stuck on my homework. We're only in chapter two in class, but I'm on chapter three homework already. I have 90% finished and only 5 questions left. Four of the questions I have left our related (like part a, part b, part c, part d), so once I figure out how to do part a, I'll be all good.
    I originally planned to stay at the hotel, do homework and swim today, but I got forced into going to his aunts. We visited them last night and had dinner and somehow they got the idea I was coming over tomorrow to hang out while Trey interviewed and Maria asked Trey when I'd be over tomorrow and he said he'd drop me off on his way to the interview place.
    It bugged me that I wasn't asked at all, but I can't do anything about it. I mentioned it last night, but he said I should've said something when I was there. And this morning I asked if I had to and he said it'd be really nice... he just wants me to get along with his family and stuff. I understand that... I just had other plans. I didn't want to stay over here where I have to stay indoors and I feel like I have to socialize. I had really bad social anxiety last night over this. Besides, I'd feel more comfortable at the hotel. It just sucks. :( Trey's been at the interview for two hours, so he's probably just now finishing up the written exam, then he'll have a physical exam, then they'll take lunch and I think they have the interview part after that.
    I feel like I sound really awkward... Anyways.. I'm probably going to practice Rosetta Stone or work on physics more. I hope he gets back soon so we can go to the beach more before we have to leave tomorrow :(

August 28, 2013

  • Stolen wallet >:(

    When I was at the gym today, someone walked in and stole my wallet from my backpack that was in the locker room. My wallet wasn't out in the open either, they rummaged through it. 
    This was between 11am and 11:45am. I didn't notice it until 2pm when I tried to go into Adam and Eve's with Allie to get applications. I called my Mom and had her search my room and I went around school checking lost and founds. 

    I ended up calling Discover and someone had bought gas down the road with my card.  So I had to cancel it, report the fraud, then ran all the way across campus to get to the Bank of America across the street from school before it closed (I got there 5 minutes til!) so I could check it's activity and cancel it. 

    Then I went to inquire about video footage and got told to see a bunch of different people before I finally got someone who called the campus police and took me down to file a report. 

    Report is in process of being filed, the school replaced my student ID for free since it was stolen, I can go down to the revenue office tomorrow with a copy of the police report and they'll replace my license for free too.
    Hopefully, Bank of America will give me a temporary card tomorrow since I'm going out of town Sunday-Wednesday and was planning to use my cards for the hotel, gas, and food. 

    *REALLLLLYYYY BIG SIGH* Stupid thieves. Anyone ever stolen your wallet before?

    P.S. If I had found that rat rummaging through my back pack, I would've beaten the fuck out of her face! And I don't fight like a bitch with the hair pulling and scratching bullshit. I know how to fight. She would've seen no mercy. And if she ran, I'd be willing to bet money, I could've caught her quickly. /RANT

    P.S.S. (or is it P.P.S.? I don't know *shrug*)
    What's really frustrating is, I work at the nursery on Sunday mornings, I work at Build-A-Bear part time, and the reason I discovered my wallet was missing was because I trying to apply for a second (or technically, third) job. 
    You know? I'm trying to work to earn my money even if it means working more than one job. And this skank just walked up to my back pack, dug through it, found my wallet, took it, drove down the street to MapCo and filled her tank up with my Discover card.  {At first I was like wait, I thought it asked for your zip code when you go to the gas station... then I realized she had my license, so she knew my zip... duh}. And she was probably laughing the whole time and acting smug. 
    She also got my Starbucks gift cards (I had two in there)!!! :( ( Not only did this bitch come mess with my money, SHE MESSED WITH MY COFFEE!!! Ugh :(

    (Sorry, if you're my friend on facebook and you're tired of hearing about this.)